The North End

The North End is a district that lies on the northern edge of Detroit. It was once the “northern edge of the Paradise Valley commercial and entertainment district of Detroit” [1]. As an area that is part of Detroit, it has faced and endured long period of decline, but it is gradually becoming a focus of new development. According to Huffington Post, development of North End has been organic, originating and fueled by the zeal of churches, small developers, and neighbors who want to make something happen. For example, the Vanguard Community Development Corporation (CDC) created a church that has been the lead role in revitalizing the district. In addition to a church, the organization have come up with housing projects and a senior apartment building. They are currently thinking about other development projects to make North End beautiful again. Despite that much of the land is vacant, many people have a strong heart and keep pondering about the future of this district.

Fig. 1: The North End, Detroit. Source: Google Earth [1]

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