Detroit People Mover (DPM)

The Detroit People Mover (DPM) is a light rail system that is almost 3 miles long in a loop around Detroit’s central business district, Owned and operated by Detroit Transportation Corporation [1]. At only 75 cents per ride, this is a convenient and affordable alternative to driving for citizens. Detroit Transportation Corporation also offers multi-day, monthly, and yearly passes. Disabled and elderly people qualify for half-off tokens, and other perks [2].

With connections to municipal complexes, courts, and admin offices of many areas of government, this provides close drop offs to the theatre district, Rosa Parks Transit Center, and the Riverwalk. Thus providing opportunity for people living in inner-city slums to have jobs in the downtown area. Twelve out of thirteen stations are handicapped accessible. This is actually very popular, about 2 million people ride the DPM each year [1].

Over 25 years old, the DPM has truly been there for Detroir citizens. There are 12 vehicles that all operate at the same time on the DPM; they are all completely computer operated and electric [2]. DPM cars come about every 3-4 minutes, and take approximately 15 minutes to make it all the way around the circuit of the city [2].

In a city so much in debt, with many residents who are low-income, this is an imcredibly neccessary and well thoughtout plan for transit around the city. This line eliminates the need for cabs and cars in the middle of the dense city, and opens up the roads to pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles. Also, in the city where the car started, it is cool to see an interest in sustainablilty and cutting down on the carbon emmissions that were so prevelant not 20 years before this began.

The route, and stops of the Detroit People Mover (2015) [1].


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