Ambassador Bridge Project

The Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project is a “second privately funded span with six new lanes for traffic and a safety shoulder in both directions — is one of the largest job creation projects in the state” [1]. It is a billion dollar project that aims to improve Detroit’s economy by handing out nearly 4,000 jobs within the first year of its implementation and over 20,000 jobs over the course of the next twenty years. As a result, Detroit will certainly move away from being a shrinking city and become a growing city. The population of Detroit will gradually increase within each year.

In addition to more jobs, the Detroit International Bridge Company will invest $1 billion in private funding, meaning that the municipal, state, and federal government will have more spending money, connecting the city closer to urban revitalization. The Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project supports will bring citizens to downtown Detroit and a second span of six new lanes for traffic as well as a safety shoulder will be constructed to ensure that traffic is not congested and flows downtown. This second span will have lanes that are completely dedicated for a “certified low risk, high speed vehicles FAST & NEXUS.” [1] In the case of overflow traffic, the cars, trucks, and other automobiles can use the existing historic bridge. The historic bridge may be old, but it can still carry the force (weight) that the automobiles exert on it.

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